Other professional activities

Law Society - both local and national

Geoff Brodie has had a long history of involvement with Law Society affairs. He has served on numerous Canterbury District Law Society committees and was a council member for 12 years, serving one term as president of the Canterbury District Law Society, ending in March 2006.

Geoff also served on the council of the New Zealand Law Society for 3 years and is a member of the New Zealand Law Society Civil Litigation and Tribunals committee.

He has assisted in the preparation of New Zealand Law Society submissions on a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Reform of the District Court Rules;
  • Revised rules for costs in the Court of Appeal;
  • Rules of Conduct and client care for lawyers;
  • Rules Committee consultation paper on class actions;
  • Trans Tasman working group report on Trans Tasman Court proceedings and regulatory environment;
  • Law Commission Paper on the role of public enquiries;
  • Ministry of Justice draft media guidelines for Court reporting;
  • Ministry of Economic Development paper reviewing financial products and providers - consumer dispute resolution and redress;
  • Ministry of Justice paper reviewing the Disputes Tribunals Act;
  • Review of the confidentiality provisions of the Arbitration Act;
  • A review of the preliminary draft convention on exclusive choice of Court agreement issued by the Hague Conference on private international law;
  • A discussion paper on the Trans Tasman Court proceedings and regulatory enforcement paper;
  • The New Zealand Law Society submissions on the Evidence Bill;
  • The Coroners Bill;
  • and
  • Sundry High Court amendment rules.
  • “The fiduciary obligation in the context of joint venture relationships” a paper presented to the Centre for Commercial and Corporate Law Inc, spring lecture series, 3 September 2008.
  • “Charterers’ Liability for Breach of the Safe Harbour Obligation,” a paper presented to the New Zealand Law Society Triennial conference, 2004.

Geoff co-authored a report and subsequent recommendations on the future of New Zealand Law Society libraries. The passage of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act in 2006 which had the potential to threaten the existence of District Law Society library facilities, that threat diminishing somewhat once the 14 District Law Societies collectively resolved to join forces into one common New Zealand Law Society for the purpose of representative activities. His report recommended the establishment of an independent board charged with the function of providing library services to the legal profession in New Zealand. This has now eventuated.

Maritime Law

Geoff is a member of the Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand and regularly attends the association's conferences. He has presented a paper Personal Property Securities : A New Zealand Maritime Law Perspective on the relationship between the Personal Property Securities Act and Mortgages Under the Ships Registration Act to the federal conference in Canberra. He also presented a paper on the defence of oil spill prosecutions.